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The name Roisin Dubh is Irish for the “Little Dark Rose” or the “Dark Rosaleen.” It is pronounced – ‘Ro – sheen Doo.’ When the expression of Irish patriotic poetry and song was outlawed during Ireland’s troubled and turbulent past, the Irish bards would disguise their patriotic poetry as love songs. The object of affection would be a symbol of Ireland for example, “Shan Van Vocht”, “Grania Vaile”, Cathleen ni Houlihan” and “Roisin Dubh”. “Roisin Dubh” allowed the Irish to sing of their pride and love of Ireland, thereby helping to keep Irish culture alive.Since such metaphors as “Roisin Dubh” were originated for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving the love of Ireland, its culture and heritage, it is fitting that our band, dedicated to preserving the musical culture of the Gael, adopted the symbolic name of Roisin Dubh. Equally fitting is the color selected for our kilts, the deep maroon of a dark rose.The Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band was formed in 1980 and made its debut at the 1983 Grand Marshal’s Ball at St. Mary’s Hall for the East Islip St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Since then, the Roisin Dubh has become a fixture on Long Island and in the metropolitan area. We perform at various town parades, Hibernian functions, competitions and feisanna. Through the years Roisin Dubh has won many awards and competitions. In addition, the band can be hired for private functions such as weddings, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc.Join Us

We are always looking for passionate dedicated individuals who want to learn the Bagpipes or Drums. The band is currently  competing at the Grade 3 and 5 Levels.If you are interested in joining the band, or hiring the band or any number of pipers and drummers please contact our Pipe Major, Bill Lepage pipemajor@rdpb.com.

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